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Singapore VAT

2020 vision: Singapore set to tax cross-border digital services, following international trends


Malaysia’s new Sales and Services Tax (SST) system extends to foreign-supplied digital services

Japan Consumption Tax

Japan consumption tax to increase in October 2019

Canada Quebec Sales Tax

Québec's new digital sales tax begins January 1, 2019, with non-resident digital suppliers targeted

US Digital Sales Tax

US Supreme Court overturns Quill ruling, paving the way for sales tax to be added to online sales


VAT MOSS explained: country-by-country guide to accessing settlement data

Turkey VAT

Turkey extends VAT to non-resident digital service suppliers

Belarus VAT

Belarus VAT extends to foreign-supplied digital services

Saudi Arabia UAE

Taxamo supports new Saudi Arabia and UAE VAT rules

OECD Digital Services

An OECD blueprint for VAT/GST collection mechanisms on cross-border digital sales

New EU B2C VAT rules

EU VAT B2C: difference between B2B and B2C

OECD Digital Services

OECD reveals guidance for collecting VAT/GST from foreign suppliers

Canada GST

Canadian digital services market imbalance highlighted in respected think-tank report


Automating international digital VAT/GST compliance for SaaS businesses


CFO headaches as tax reforms targeting SaaS businesses affect strategy, globalization, and compliance

Tax compliance

Filing deadlines: tax settlement returns due

Australia GST

Australia digital GST introduced: foreign-suppliers targeted


SaaS: a catalyst for change and a global tax target

India GST

No India GST threshold for foreign digital service suppliers


Connected cars and potential tax implications

Online gaming

Tax risks for global digital video game platforms

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