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Japan Consumption Tax

Japan consumption tax to increase in October 2019

Canada Quebec Sales Tax

Québec's new digital sales tax begins January 1, 2019, with non-resident digital suppliers targeted


Colombia's tax on foreign-supplied digital services

US Digital Sales Tax

US Supreme Court overturns Quill ruling, paving the way for sales tax to be added to online sales


VAT MOSS explained: country-by-country guide to accessing settlement data

Turkey VAT

Turkey extends VAT to non-resident digital service suppliers

Belarus VAT

Belarus VAT extends to foreign-supplied digital services

Saudi Arabia UAE

Taxamo supports new Saudi Arabia and UAE VAT rules

OECD Digital Services

An OECD blueprint for VAT/GST collection mechanisms on cross-border digital sales

New EU B2C VAT rules

EU VAT B2C: difference between B2B and B2C

OECD Digital Services

OECD reveals guidance for collecting VAT/GST from foreign suppliers

Canada GST

Canadian digital services market imbalance highlighted in respected think-tank report


Automating international digital VAT/GST compliance for SaaS businesses


CFO headaches as tax reforms targeting SaaS businesses affect strategy, globalization, and compliance

Tax compliance

Filing deadlines: tax settlement returns due

Australia GST

Australia digital GST introduced: foreign-suppliers targeted


SaaS: a catalyst for change and a global tax target

India GST

No India GST threshold for foreign digital service suppliers

Connected car VAT

Connected cars and potential tax implications

Online gaming

Tax risks for global digital video game platforms

Taiwan digital tax

Taiwan gets serious on digital economy tax

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